Title Information regarding website opening for Hyundai Glovis overseas subsidiaries
Date Aug 31, 2012 (GMT+9)

The overseas subsidiary sites of Hyundai Glovis have been launched on September 10th in 2012.


You can access to each subsidiary site as mentioned below.



* GLOVIS Worldwide : http://worldwide.glovis.net

* GLOVIS America Inc. : http://america.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Alabama, LLC : http://alabama.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Georgia, LLC : http://georgia.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Canada Inc. : http://canada.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Europe GmbH : http://europe.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Slovakia s.r.o. : http://slovakia.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Russia, LLC : http://russia.glovis.net

* GLOVIS India Pvt. Ltd. : http://india.glovis.net

* Beijing GLOVIS Warehousing & Transportation Co., Ltd. : http://china.glovis.net

* Global Logistics New Jersey, LLC : http://newjersey.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Brasil Logistica Ltda. : http://brazil.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Holdings Mongol : http://mongolia.glovis.net

* GLOVIS Australia Pty. Ltd. : http://australia.glovis.net

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